10 - Hobart

Saturday, 02 March 2024

06:00 Whats Up Down Under (Rpt) G
Love a driving or Caravanning holiday? Join Macca and the crew as they show you the best touring routes and destinations to visit!
06:30 Leading The Way With Dr. Michael Youssef G
07:00 Reel Action (Rpt) G
Reel Action is that weekend trip out with your mates looking for some local fishing action. We focus on the fish, techniques and the right tools for the job.
07:30 Escape Fishing With ET (Rpt) G
Escape with former Rugby League Legend ET Andrew Ettingshausen as he travels Australia and the Pacific, hunting out all types of species of fish, while sharing his knowledge on how to catch them.
08:00 10 Minute Kitchen (Rpt) G
The impossible is now possible with 10 Minute Kitchen - a celebration of creative, easy, budget & family-friendly meals that anyone can cook at home.
08:30 Roads Less Travelled (Rpt) G
A travel and Road trip series that uncovers the hidden gems in each location that we visit
09:00 Tough Tested (Rpt) G
The Whats Up Downunder team Tough Test the Outdoor Lifestyle Products on an obstacle course at one of Australias toughest venues!
10:00 Australia By Design: Architecture (Rpt) G
We explore a theatre in Sydneys West, how Brisbanes overlay preservation gave two engineers an idea, and how two young architects returned to a simple design principle on the Mornington Peninsula.
10:30 Farm To Fork (Rpt) G
Courtney Roulston, Michael Weldon and Louis Tikaram take you on a food journey across Australia seeking the freshest and best produce to create inspiring recipes in the kitchen.
11:00 Everyday Gourmet With Justine Schofield (Rpt) G
Justine Schofield along with special guests, present a variety of delicious recipes for the home cook.
11:30 Australian Survivor Encore (Rpt) PG
Divided more than ever after the previous tribal, a feud continues to rampage through the tribe, tearing alliances apart. Who will be going home tonight?
12:30 Silvias Italian Masterclass G
Silvia walks you through the classic, crowd pleasing recipes of your favourite Italian breads. All you need now is a little olive oil, balsamic and salt and you have yourself the perfect appetiser.
13:00 All 4 Adventure (Rpt) PG
Jase and Simon rescue stranded travellers north of Cape York. They head off-shore into the Torres Strait before travelling south for a cool change on the wild west coast of Tassie.
14:00 Wildlife Rescue Australia (Rpt) PG
Patsy the Echidna has arrived for a checkup of her broken beak but X rays reveal the fracture is getting worse. Crash the Bandicoot has lost his mum and needs a lot of care and attention.
15:00 Whats Up Down Under G
Love a driving or Caravanning holiday? Join Macca and the crew as they show you the best touring routes and destinations to visit!
15:30 Good Chef Bad Chef (Rpt) G
Hosts Adrian Richardson and Preeya Alexander present a daily cooking series showing both the healthy and indulgent ways to cook and eat.
16:00 My Market Kitchen G
Celebrity Cook and successful Restauranteur Laura Sharrad is joined by a variety of chefs and food producers in the iconic Prahran Market cooking a variety of delicious and easy to follow recipes.
16:30 Taste Of Australia With Hayden Quinn (Rpt) G
Taste of Australia with Hayden Quinn explores the unique personalities shaping the food scene in Australia. Experience the characters, produce and creative forces contributing to our food culture.
17:00 10 News First E
Comprehensive coverage of local, national and international news. Plus, all the latest sport and weather.
18:00 Deal Or No Deal (Rpt) G
Join Grant Denyer in Deal or No Deal, the high-pressure, high-stakes game of risk versus reward where contestants must beat the Banker to win a huge cash prize of $100,000.
18:30 The Dog House Australia Encore (Rpt) PG
Will Kelly be able to win over fluff ball Jinglebells? Are Alessio and Vittorio at risk of being bitten by an overwhelmed Maltese? And will Army Major David win the battle to gain Frankies affection?
19:30 The Dog House G
Meet the Tilburn girls and their dad James. Can Papaya fill the quiet in the house when the girls are at their mums? Tom & Adele want a dog to get them out walking, but are delivered not one but two!
20:30 Ambulance Australia (Rpt) M
A woman stranded on a remote walking track, unable to make her way out, must rely on the help of Emergency Services and a devastating house fire causes a severe case of smoke inhalation.
21:45 Ambulance UK (Rpt) M
A crew attend to a 20 weeks pregnant woman who has contracted Covid-19, while the North West Ambulance Call Centre is forced to take emergency calls from London, which is swamped with Covid cases.
23:00 So Help Me Todd (Rpt) PG
When Lyles niece, Angie, is accused of committing a crime on her college campus, Lyle enlists Margaret and Todd to vindicate her. Starring Skylar Astin, Marcia Gay Harden, Thomas Cadrot, Madeline Wise, Rosa Arredondo, Inga Schlingmann
00:00 FBI: International Encore (Rpt) M
Vo goes undercover when the Fly Team investigates the mysterious death of an American model in Milan. Plus, Kellett is caught off-guard when Dandridge arrives looking for visibility on the case. Starring Heida Reed, Vinessa Vidotto, Eva-Jane Willis, Carter Redwood, Michael Torpey
01:00 Home Shopping (Rpt) PG
01:30 Home Shopping (Rpt) PG
02:00 Home Shopping (Rpt) PG
02:30 Home Shopping (Rpt) PG
03:00 Home Shopping (Rpt) PG
03:30 Home Shopping (Rpt) PG
04:00 Home Shopping (Rpt) PG
04:30 Home Shopping (Rpt) PG
05:00 Hour Of Power G
Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller equips you with the tools you need to become a flourishing apprentice of Jesus.