7TMATE - Port Lincoln
Thursday, 23-Nov-2017
06:00 Home Shopping PG
Shopping program.
06:30 Harley Davidson TV (Rpt) PG
A lifestyle series focused on the Harley Davidson.
07:00 Shannons Legends Of Motorsport (Rpt) E
Join hosts Bill Woods and Aaron Noonan for a discussion with champion racing drivers and motorsport characters Kevin Bartlett and Brad Jones.
08:00 Big Angry Fish (Rpt) PG
Milan & Nathan packs up for a winter trip - with outriggers. The little mackerels trolled on the outriggers work as kingfish lollipops!
09:00 American Pickers (Rpt) PG
Once a roadie for a long list of fabled performers, Travis home is like a rocknroll scrapbook. Later, in Louisiana, the guys get seriously fired up at the Bonnie & Clyde Ambush Museum.
10:00 Americas Game: The Super Bowl Champions (Rpt) E
In San Franciscos 38-16 Super Bowl rout of Miami, its hard to say which was better, the offense or defense. Ranks #8 of the greatest Super Bowl champions all time.
11:00 Womens Rugby League World Cup 2017 E
Papua New Guinea and Canada close the second round of the Womens Rugby League World cup both hoping for an important win to increase their chances of making the finals.
13:00 Womens Rugby League World Cup 2017 E
New Zealand and Papua New Guinea close the final pool round as they both look to secure a coveted finals spot.
15:00 Rugby League World Cup 2017 (Rpt) E
Both England and Papua New Guinea will run onto the field with confidence after comfortable wins last week, but PNG have their work cut out as they have never reached the semi-finals in a World Cup.
17:00 American Restoration (Rpt) PG
While cruisin down historic Route 66, Rick and his brother Ron stumble across a 1950s Wurlizter jukebox in need of some fine-tuning. Can the guys help this musical machine soar to the top of the charts or will they end up bopping their heads along to a broken record? And later, Tyler is challenged to restore a 1940s chocolate bar vending machine for a local picker. Will this candy contraption satisfy this choosy customers sweet tooth or will this delicious deal go sour? Starring RICK DALE, TYLER DALE, RON DALE, KOWBOY KOWBOY, TED TED
17:30 Storage Wars (Rpt) PG
The buyers are back in San Bernardino, and Barry brings a good luck charm that yields a tasty reward.
18:00 American Pickers (Rpt) PG
An Evel Knievel super-fan reveals some of the legendary daredevils most personal items.
19:00 American Restoration (Rpt) PG
When a client cruises in with a 1962 mini-Corvette to be modeled after his full-size version, Rick looks to turn this tiny ride into racing ragtop.
19:30 screenPLAY M
Each week presenters Stephanie Bendixsen and Nich Richardson cover the latest and greatest in esports and gaming - the latest news, reviews, livestreams, gameplays, interviews and so much more.
20:00 Family Guy M
On Thanksgiving weekend, Peter discovers an alternate ending in the Russian version of one of his favorite films and writes to Vladimir Putin, who comes to Quahog.
20:30 American Dad M
The Smith family is participating in televised race that takes them all over the globe.
21:00 Movie: Django Unchained (Rpt) MA
Former dentist, Dr. King Schultz, buys the freedom of a slave, Django, and trains him with the intent to make him his deputy bounty hunter. Instead, he is led on a mission to rescue Djangos wife who is under the hands of a ruthless plantation owner. Starring JAMIE FOXX, CHRISTOPH WALTZ, LEONARDO DICAPRIO, KERRY WASHINGTON, SAMUEL L. JACKSON, WALTON GOGGINS, DENNIS CHRISTOPHER, JAMES REMAR, DAVID STEEN
00:30 T.J Hooker (Rpt) M
Hooker runs into serious opposition from a long-time friend when his high-speed chase of two bank robbers results in serious injury to a bank employee who is pregnant. Starring WILLIAM SHATNER, ADRIAN ZMED, HEATHER LOCKLEAR, JAMES DARREN
01:30 T.J Hooker (Rpt) M
Hooker is determined to set matters straight after a fellow officer, who was investigating a porno ring, is slain in a motel room, then denied a heros burial because money was found in his personal effects. Starring WILLIAM SHATNER, ADRIAN ZMED, HEATHER LOCKLEAR, JAMES DARREN
02:30 T.J Hooker (Rpt) M
Hooker and his team are pursuing a strangler who stalks bag ladies when Corrigan, working undercover, receives a head injury that results in frightening behaviour. Starring WILLIAM SHATNER, ADRIAN ZMED, HEATHER LOCKLEAR, JAMES DARREN
03:30 Dream Car Garage (Rpt) PG
This motoring series showcases the latest exotic cars, test drives and vintage collectables from museums and the rich and famous, and also includes unbelievable auto restorations.
04:00 NFL E
The Vikings and the Lions host their second Thanksgiving Day tussle in a row. The Vikings will be seeking revenge after falling short of a win in their last three clashes against the Lions.