9GEM – Hobart
Saturday, 21-Oct-2017
06:00 Adventures In Rainbow Country (Rpt) G
Follows the adventures of a teenager named Billy Williams and his friend Pete Gawa in northern Ontario.
06:30 Skippy - The Bush Kangaroo (Rpt) G
The methods of an attractive young research scientist angers Chief Ranger Hammond.
07:00 TV Shop - Home Shopping (Rpt) G
Home shopping programme.
08:00 Danoz G
Home shopping programme.
08:30 TV Shop - Home Shopping (Rpt) G
Home shopping programme.
10:00 The Baron (Rpt) PG
A magic-eye film records of the theft of the fabulous Faberge Sedan Chair miniature, takes The Baron behind the Iron Curtain and involves him in murder, a running battle of wits and acute danger. Stars Steve Forrest and Sue Lloyd. Starring: Steve Forrest, Sue Lloyd, Paul Ferris
11:00 The Great Chelsea Garden Challenge (Rpt) PG
The pressure is on as the final three designers go to the RHS headquarters in Wisley, where they have five days and their biggest budget yet to create a show garden that will prove they are worthy of going to Chelsea.
12:10 Turned Out Nice Again (Rpt) G
George Pearson, an employee at an underwear factory, is caught between his modern wife and his meddling mother over a new type of thread that has revolutionized the garment industy. (George Formby, Peggy Bryan, Elliott Mason) Starring: George Formby, Edward Chapman, Peggy Bryan
13:50 Major And The Minor G
Oscar winner Billy Wilder made his American directorial debut with this World War II comedy about a working girl who poses as a 12-year-old train passenger and ends up falling in love with an Army officer. (Ginger Rogers) Starring: Ginger Rogers, Ray Milland
16:00 Sweet Charity G
Director Bob Fosse broke cinematic ground with this visually stunning story of a lovelorn New York dance hall hostess, Charity Hope Valentine, who dreams of romance but gives her heart to one undeserving man after another. (Shirley MacLaine) Starring: Shirley Maclaine, John McMartin, Ricardo Montalban
19:00 Woman In Gold PG
Maria Altmann, an octogenarian Jewish refugee, takes on the Austrian government to recover artwork she believes rightfully belongs to her family. (Helen Mirren, Ryan Reynolds, Katie Holmes) Starring: Helen Mirren, Ryan Reynolds, Katie Holmes
21:10 The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas M
When his family moves from Berlin to Poland during WWII, 8-year-old Bruno befriends a boy who lives on the other side of a barbed wire fence, unaware that the boy is a Jewish prisoner of his fathers Nazi Concentration Camp. (Asa Butterfield) Starring: Asa Butterfield, Vera Farmiga, David Thewlis
23:05 Murder In The First (Rpt) M
Terry and Hildy race to close in on a murder suspect; Fatty B lobbies to take Potrero in a new direction; a verdict is reached in Dustins trial. Starring: Taye Diggs, Ian Anthony Dale, Raphael Sbarge, Lombardo Boyar, Currie Graham, Mimi Kirkland
00:00 The Hairy Bikers: Mums Know Best (Rpt) PG
High Tea is not just taking afternoon tea to the next level. High tea is what the working classes had, when a factory worker had a hard days work he would come home and sit down at the table and had a pot roast with a good pot of tea.
01:00 Call And Win M
Live Call and win your chance to win $$$$$$$$ instantly.
03:00 Barnacle Bill (Rpt) G
When hes stricken with seasickness, the last of a family of sailors takes charge of a decaying amusement pier (Alec Guiness, Irene Browne, Maurice Denham) Starring: Alec Guinness, Irene Browne, Maurice Denham
04:40 Edgar Wallace Mysteries (Rpt) PG
The Edgar Wallace Mysteries is a British film-noir series based on a collection of novels of the same name. Starring: Bernard Lee, Bernard Archard, Allan Cuthbertson