Wednesday, 10-Feb-2016
06:00 Sunrise E
Wake up to a better breakfast with Samantha Armytage and David Koch for all the latest news, sport and weather.
09:00 The Morning Show PG
11:30 Seven Morning News E
12:00 Midday Movie: Baby Brokers PG
A woman financially supports the natural parents of a baby in hope of adopting their child, but she discovers she is the victim of a scam.
14:00 The Daily Edition E
Catch up on all of the hottest issues from todays news and entertainment with lively discussions, interviews and crosses to newsmakers around the country.
15:00 The Chase G
Four contestants go into battle against the Chaser as they try to win thousands of pounds. However, standing in the way is their common enemy, the Chaser, one of the finest quiz brains in the UK.
16:00 Seven News At 4 E
17:00 The Chase Australia G
Its a hit with audiences around the globe - now the general knowledge game show with a difference lands on our shores with The Chase Australia, Hosted by Andrew OKeefe.
18:00 Seven News E
19:00 Home And Away PG
Dylan grills Irene over Charlottes murder. Ash challenges Dylan after finding out that he was abusive to Kat. Chris punches Andy.
19:30 My Kitchen Rules PG
Its time to meet Group 2, and first up we head to the Sunshine Coast for best mates and miners Alex and Gareth. Will it be a baptism of fire or will the miners blast their way into the competition?
21:00 First Dates PG
Theyve come from right across the country to face the most intense night of their lives. Tonight a dater returns. Will she find true love?
22:00 Ramsays Hotel Hell M
Gordon Ramsay checks into a haunted hotel. CAST: GORDON RAMSAY
23:00 Botched Up Bodies MA
Follow the top surgeons as they set about repairing the damage done with botched cosmetic surgery.
00:00 Secret Life Of Students (Rpt) M
Follows the lives of 12 students through the eyes and ears of social media as they leave home. Tonight, the students experience communal living and the gossip spreads through social media. Helen wants a good degree but has been distracted by her neighbour Michael, who she has been texting everyday.
01:00 Worlds Strictest Parents (Rpt) PG
Tonight spoilt Nicole and school dropout Nathan, both 16, get new parents in Barbados. For a week they will be living under the strict rules of the Harris family. They have prepared a set of rules including no smoking, no drinking, no swearing and respect at all times for the parents. But on the first night Nathan refuses to hand over his cigarettes and Andrea orders him out of the house until he complies with her rules. Things get worse when the teens skip school forcing Dad Kenrick to leave work to search for them. Will one week of tough love help to tame these wild teens?
02:00 Home Shopping PG
Shopping program.
02:30 Home Shopping PG
Shopping program.
03:00 Home Shopping PG
Shopping program.
03:30 Home Shopping PG
Shopping program.
04:00 NBC Today E
International news and weather including interviews with newsmakers in the world of politics, business, media, entertainment and sport.
05:00 Seven Early News E
Latest news, sport and weather from Australia and around the world.
05:30 Sunrise E
Wake up to a better breakfast with Samantha Armytage and David Koch for all the latest news, sport and weather.