Sunday, 29-Mar-2015
06:00 Jake And The Never Land Pirates G
Jake leads his team, including Izzy, Cubby and their parrot lookout, Skully aboard their amazing ship, Bucky, sailing from their Pirate Island hideout on a lost treasure hunt throughout Never Land.
06:30 Sofia The First (Rpt) G
When Sofia brags about being chosen to sing the Enchancian Anthem at the annual Harvest Festival, her amulet puts a curse on her which she must learn to undo. Classic Disney Princess Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" makes a special appearance to offer Sofia some words of advice - princess to princess.
07:00 Weekend Sunrise E
Wake up to a better breakfast with Andrew OKeefe and Monique Wright for all the latest news, sport and weather.
10:00 The Morning Show - Weekend PG
Join Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies to catch up on all the highlights from this weeks program, including a variety of segments from the latest news, entertainment and other hot topics.
11:00 Discovery Road G
Its a journey like no other - 20 000kms around Australia along some of our toughest roads. Join adventurer Pete Wells as he joins a convoy of Toyotas travelling along some of the dustiest, roughest and most iconic roads in the country. From WAs Gibb River Road to the Great Ocean Road, he visits tiny towns, meets great characters and fellow car enthusiasts plus gets down and dirty behind the wheel on this incredible drive.
12:00 The Amazing Race (Rpt) PG
Teams race through Malawi where a puzzling patriotic Roadblock causes one team to fall behind. Also, with a Double U-Turn on the line, teams must choose whether to sabotage their fellow Racers for a chance at first place. Hosted by PHIL KEOGHAN. Starring PHIL KEOGHAN, ERNIE HALVORSEN, CINDY CHIANG, JUSTIN YOUNG, JENNIFER YOUNG, BILL ALDEN, CATHI ALDEN, ANDY FINCH, TOMMY CZESCHIN, AMANI POLLARD, MARCUS POLLARD, LAURENCE SUNDERLAND, ZAC SUNDERLAND, JEREMY CLINE, SANDY DRAGHI
13:00 The Amazing Race (Rpt) PG
The Race travels to Copenhagen, Denmark for the first time, where one racer learns the meaning of two left feet and a double U-turn jeopardizes a number of teams positions in the race. Hosted by PHIL KEOGHAN.
14:00 Sunday Afternoon Movie: A Walton Wedding (Rpt) G
The Waltons reunite once again to celebrate the 1960s wedding of the oldest son, John-Boy. However, impending crises threaten to shatter the familys happiness. Starring RALPH WHITE, MICHAEL LEARNED, ELLEN CORBY, KAMI COTLER, DAVID W.HARPER, MARY BETH MCDONOUGH, JUDY NORTON, ERIC SCOTT, RICHARD THOMAS, JON WALMSLEY, KATE MCNEIL, JOE CONLEY, RONNIE CLAIRE EDWARDS, HOLLAND TAYLOR
16:00 Australia: The Story Of Us (Rpt) PG
After the Second World War, peace brings prosperity to Australia. Suburban dreams become a reality and we embrace bold ideas for technology. The Sydney Opera Housereshapes our identity and the Olympic Games come to Melbourne. The birth of television will
17:00 Seven News At 5 E
Seven brings you the latest developments in todays top stories at home and around the world, plus sport, finance and weather updates.
17:30 Great South East G
Explore leisure and recreation in South East Queensland.
18:00 Seven News E
19:00 Sunday Night
Rahni Sadler meets Sam from Townsville, who for 21 years had no idea that she was at the centre of one the longest running international kidnapping cases. Kidnapped by her mother, she grew up in South Africa believing another man was her dad. Now, with the truth out her mother awaits trial and Sam finds out if shell finally meet her dad. Then Chris Bath meets two Australian stroke victims who put their faith in an experimental drug with no clinical trials - and the results are not to be missed.
20:00 Border Patrol PG
20:30 Castle M
Castle, along with the NYPD frantically search for Beckett, while 3XK continues to play mind games with them.
21:30 Sunday Night Movie: The Invention Of Lying (Rpt) M
In a world where everyone tells the truth, a screenwriter who is about to be fired discovers the art of lying. Using this new invention to win people over and further his career, will the art of lying serve to finally gain the interest of his long-time crush Anna or teach him a lesson in life and relationships? Starring RICKY GERVAIS, JENNIFER GARNER, JONAH HILL, JEFFREY TAMBOR, ROB LOWE, TINA FEY, FIONNULA FLANAGAN
23:30 The Goldbergs PG
After discovering that Adam is planning to attend a school dance with Dana Calwaell, Beverly insists that Murray talks to the boys about sex. Adam reluctantly agrees to let Beverly teach him to dance - and is stunned to learn shes signed up to chaperone the dance. Starring WENDI MCLENDON-COVEY, JEFF GARLIN, HAYLEY ORRANTIA, SEAN GIAMBRONE, TROY GENTILE, GEORGE SEGAL
00:00 The Cult (Rpt) M
Following the shooting, Edward has become a dangerous man - paranoid and determined to see his plan out at any cost. He takes action to start the Commencement by making some duplicitous friends. Starring DANIELLE CORMACK, LATHAM GAINES, GARETH REEVES, KATE ELLIOTT, RENATO BARTOLOMEI, SCOTT WILLS, SARA WISEMAN, RACHEL NASH, LISA CHAPPELL, ANDREW GRAINGER, CHELSIE PRESTON-CRAYFORD, ERROL SHAND, BODELLE DE RONDE, DWAYNE CAMERON
01:00 Dual Suspects (Rpt) M
In one of the most shocking crimes in Chicagos history, seven fast food workers are gunned down and their bodies left in the restaurants walk-in freezer. With the suburb of Palatine reeling, and the media clamouring for answers, police struggle to piece together the deadly puzzle. Narrated by JACQUELINE BYNON.
02:00 Home Shopping
02:30 Home Shopping
03:00 NBC Today E
International news and weather including interviews with newsmakers in the world of politics, business, media, entertainment and sport.
04:00 NBC Meet The Press E
David Gregory interviews newsmakers from around the world.
05:00 Sunrise Extra E
Bringing you the best moments of your mornings with the Sunrise team.
05:30 Seven Early News E
Latest news, sport and weather from Australia and around the world.