Friday, 28-Nov-2014
06:00 Sunrise
Wake up to a better breakfast with Samantha Armytage and David Koch for all the latest news, sport and weather.
09:00 The Morning Show PG
Join Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies each morning for a variety of segments on the latest news, entertainment and other hot topics.
11:00 2014 Australian Open Golf
After Rory McIroy thwarted Adam Scotts valiant attempt to win the Australia triple crown last year, they return to the scene, in what shapes as the pinnacle of the 2014 Australian golf calendar. Hosted by Peter Donegan with expert commentary from Ian Baker-Finch, Pat Welsh, Wayne Grady and Grant Dodd.
16:00 Seven News At 4
Seven brings you the latest developments in todays top stories at home and around the world, plus sport, finance and weather updates.
17:00 Deal Or No Deal (Rpt) G
Andrew OKeefe returns in this exhilarating hit game show where contestants play for $200,000.
17:30 Million Dollar Minute G
Million Dollar Minute is a battle of general knowledge, where every correct answer is a step closer to the ultimate test: Can one person, in one minute, win one million dollars? Hosted by SIMON REEVE.
18:00 Seven News
Seven News live and comprehensive coverage of breaking news and local, national and international top stories, plus Sport, Finance and Weather updates.
19:00 Better Homes And Gardens G
In our Christmas special, Fast Eds got simple recipes to take the stress out of cooking. Karen whips up a deluxe potato and prawn salad. Plus, a delicious homemade gift the kids will love. Jo and Jason help bring some sparkle to the lives of very sick children. Tara has an easy gift to make for youngsters and Rob builds a pack- away table perfect for the Christmas feast. Dr Harry sees how the animals at Taronga Zoo celebrate Christmas.
20:30 The Friday Movie: Meet The Fockers (2004) (Rpt) M
Ben Stiller returns as Greg Focker who after a horrendous meeting, has been given permission from his girlfriends father, Jack Byrnes, to marry her. But before the wedding, the Byrnes family travel to Miami to meet the Fockers and learn they are as different to each as other can be. Starring ROBERT DE NIRO, DUSTIN HOFFMAN, BARBRA STEISAND, BLYTHE DANNER, TERI POLO, OWEN WILSON and ALANNA UBACH and RAY SANTIAGO.
23:00 The Amazing Race PG
The new season, which marks the 25th race around the world, will feature eleven teams as they compete for a chance to win $1 million. Hosted by PHIL KEOGHAN.
00:00 Go On (Rpt) PG
Ryans show is rated #1 but even this new, exalted status does not provide the personal happiness he wants in his life. Lauren explains that happiness comes from within. Starring MATTHEW PERRY, LAURA BENANTI, TODD HOLLAND, KAREY NIXON, JOHN CHO, JULIE WHITE.
00:30 The Late Movie: Deranged (Rpt) M
An eccentric psychiatrist, aiming to be in the spotlight, is not willing to let anyone or anything get in her way. Starring JOBETH WILLIAMS, JASON BROOKS, SALLY KIRKLAND, LEO ROSSI, KARI WUHRER, ANICKA HAYWOOD.
02:30 Harrys Practice (Rpt) G
Dr. Harry treats a dog with an ironing board phobia.
03:00 Home Shopping
Shopping program.
03:30 Home Shopping
Shopping program.
04:00 NBC Today
International news and weather including interviews with newsmakers in the world of politics, business, media, entertainment and sport.