Tuesday, 01-Dec-2015
06:00 Sunrise E
09:00 The Morning Show PG
Join Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies each morning for a variety of segments on the latest news, entertainment and other hot topics.
11:30 Seven Morning News E
Latest news, sport and weather updates from Australia and around the world.
12:00 Midday Movie: Someone Is Watching (Rpt) M
After being robbed in her own home, Michelle Dupre decides that it is time that she and her six-year-old son move to a safer area. She chooses a nice community but the townhouse she rents has an extremely troubled history. Starring STEFANIE POWERS
14:00 The Daily Edition E
Catch up on all of the hottest issues from todays news and entertainment with lively discussions, interviews and crosses to newsmakers around the country. Presented by Sally Obermeder, Monique Wright and Tom Williams.
15:00 The Chase (Rpt) G
Four contestants go into battle against the Chaser as they try to win thousands of pounds. However, standing in the way is their common enemy, the Chaser, one of the finest quiz brains in the UK.
16:00 Seven News At 4 E
17:00 The Chase Australia G
Its a hit with audiences around the globe - now the general knowledge game show with a difference lands on our shores with The Chase Australia, hosted by Andrew OKeefe.
18:00 Seven News E
19:00 Home And Away PG
Kat closes in on Charlotte. Josh struggles to return to life at home. Irene strong facade begins to crack. Hannah is drawn back into Andys orbit.
20:00 Highway Patrol (Rpt) PG
A man does a runner from the scene of a crash and when officers find him, it becomes clear why he wanted to evade police. Then, Police spot a car with stolen plates. The driver is homeless and sleeps in his car but its what he cuddles up to thats the real concern. Then, officers are confronted with a naked driver and a car filled with porn and sex toys.
20:30 Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares USA M
Chef Ramsay goes to Washington to help a young man run his fathers Greek restaurant.
21:30 What Really Happens in Thailand M
Brisbane mates learn of the dangers of the Full Moon Party, an Aussie Muay Thai fighter lands in hospital and a couple of fit Aussies take on Thailands infamous "Wipe-out" course.
22:30 Chicago Fire M
Lt Severide lobbies Chief Boden for a favor for Scott Rice, an old friend needing a second chance with the CFD, but Casey and Otis have their doubts.
23:30 Blindspot (Rpt) M
After a seemingly straightforward hostage situation goes bad, the CIA and FBI find themselves racing against each other to apprehend the same criminal with a dark history. CAST: SULLIVAN STAPLETON, JAIMIE ALEXANDER
00:30 Betrayal M
Drew confronts Sara about her recent whereabouts, but does he already know about Jack? And with the hold on his kingdom beginning to slip, Karsten resorts to unsavoury tactics in an attempt to stay in power. Meanwhile, TJ tries to find his independence, even if it means running with the wrong crowd. Starring HANNAH WARE, HENRY THOMAS, CHRIS JOHNSON, WENDY MONIZ, ELIZABETH MCLAUGHLIN, BRAEDEN LEMASTERS, STUART TOWNSEND, JAMES CROMWELL, MERRIN DUNGEY, ROXANNA BRUSSO, SOFIA BLACK-DELIA, JACK MCGEE, JASON BUTLER HARNER, KAMAL BOLDEN, ROTINI ASHINOKO, JAN RADCLIFF
01:30 Parks And Recreation (Rpt) PG
Leslie helps organize the high schools Senior Prom and battles with Ron over the future employment of a bright high school senior. Andy takes an unwilling April as his date and Tom is tasked with DJing. CAST: AMY POEHLER, AZIZ ANSARI, NICK OFFERMAN, ADAM SCOTT, RASHIDA JONES, CHRIS PRATT, AUBREY PLAZA, RETTA RETTA, JIM OHEIR
02:00 Home Shopping (Rpt) PG
Shopping program.
02:30 Home Shopping (Rpt) PG
Shopping program.
03:00 Home Shopping (Rpt) PG
Shopping program.
03:30 Home Shopping (Rpt) PG
Shopping program.
04:00 NBC Today E
International news and weather including interviews with newsmakers in the world of politics, business, media, entertainment and sport.
05:00 Sunrise Extra E
Bringing you the best moments of your mornings with the Sunrise team.
05:30 Seven Early News E
Latest news, sport and weather from Australia and around the world.